Welcome To VisitStat.com!

VisitStat is a windows application for creating visitor statistics for your website. To do this, it uses the web server logs your site produces. The program is built to be flexible and gives the user possibilities to affect the final produced web site statistics in the form of HTML pages.

Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, .NET framework 2.0 or higher.



- Result is produced as HTML pages.
- Support for the most common log file formats
- Find out how people are finding your site
- Detect if someone is trying to hack your site

List of features

Why use  it

Ever wondered who's visiting your website or which country they came from.  By using VisitStat you get these answers as well as page load patterns, average time they spend on your site etc. Because Internet is dynamic and visitors find new ways to your site, the program uses filters to classify and name different types of visitors, eg spiders, search engines etc. You can also define filters for parsing search engine keywords.

New: An example configuration file is now available for download.