Quickguide for getting started

  1. Download latest version of VisitStat and unzip to a folder of your choice.
  2. Click setup.exe to install the program.
  3. After installation you are ready to use the program. Now it's time to create a project. Select File in the menu, then New -> Project.
  4. Select a folder for your project (can be any empty windows folder) by pressing Browse button.
  5. Enter your site name, domain and the start page for your site. Also specify the time zone. Then click OK.
  6. To produce statisitcs for your site, select Report in the menu, then Generate.
  7. Select the directory where you keep your logfiles by clicking the Browse button.
  8. Next select the report directory, where the produced result will be created. Click the Browse button to do this.
  9. To generate a report - click the Generate Report button. Then a nice set of HTML pages will be created showing a lot of visitor statistics for your web site.